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1. Jonathan Johnson jewelry information

Jonathan Johnson jewelry is produced solely from recycled sterling silver and recycled gold alloy. These materials are sourced exclusively from german producers. Our stone is sourced from german stonemasons. Our casts are produced in our on-site foundry in Hamburg, powered by electricity from sustainable energy provider Lichtblick. Every stage of production is completed within Germany. The topic of sustainability is an important one for us, therefore we operate with little storage and prefer to finish our pieces to order, in order to preserve the exclusivity and unique beauty of our resources.

Product care
We pay great attention to the quality of our products! In order to present you with a great variety of colors and content, we use various techniques of goldsmithing. Since we want you to enjoy your piece of jewelry for a long time, we recommend to read and follow our care instructions.

- Do not wear your jewelry when sleeping
- Do not wear your jewelry when bathing or showering
- Avoid impacts - avoid perfume, hair spray, deodorant or other chemicals
- Always keep your jewelry in the original Jonathan Johnson boxes
- Make sure that each piece of jewelry is individually stored so that no damage will occur
- Treat pieces with fire enamel with extreme caution, since fire enamel is melted glass
- Gold plating may show some signs of wear over time, depending on how frequently you use it. This is a natural process that can be avoided by proper treatment (see above)

Product Renewal
With time each piece of jewelry shows signs of wear. This is normal and we find it beautiful when a piece of jewelry tells of its life and develops its own patina over time. However, we also offer a restoration service for your jewelry. In that case we ask you to write to us.

2. Jurassics shirt collection information

All shirts are ​​fair trade made ( ) and 100% organic cotton. They are provided with the label for textiles tested for harmful substances according to Oeko Tex Standard ( The prints are applied with digital transfer printing and will not dissolve by washing. The shirts are machine washable at 30 degrees to the left and also to iron on reverse side with the cotton setting, up to 40 degrees.

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