Jonathan Johnson

Black Hole Ring 129,00 €

"In, through… and beyond." (Maximilian Schell in The Black Hole, 1979) What are they, these black holes in the universe? Astrophysicists still disagree: One of the great mysteries of our time. There are theories that say universes are born in black holes. That they exist out there is a fact. On one hand, one might imagine an all-devouring Hellmouth whose power is so strong that even the light is swallowed by it. On the other hand, they probably form, according to the latest findings, the centre of almost every galaxy. Inside the Black Hole Ring is a circular opal triplet and on the outside you will find the words "Gravitational Singularity" as carved in stone. If you actually were inside a black hole, this is the state you would find yourself in. That's all pure speculation of course; no one was ever there. Or were they?
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