Jonathan Johnson

Herz Ring 599,00 €

"Love is the end of eternity" sings Jochen Distelmeyer on his Blumfeld Song "Because it's love". This line fascinates me till today. The end of eternity. What does that mean? Actually we want eternity - being together forever, with the one we found. Like a diamond was born billions of years ago, it also represents eternity through its incredible hardness. Love is something positive, but it shows us, perhaps like nothing else, our own mortality. That is why it is so strong. The reason to give a diamond, should be a reference to the happiness of the present moment. The moment which one guards like a precious treasure. Therefore, we developed this heart ring, wich holds the diamond on the backside of the small heart, only visible to it´s owner. The understatement of this ring - to preserve the precious stone in secrecy, where he originated billions of years ago - to know in full awareness that he is there - forever! Diamond: 0,1ct WS, SI
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