Red Giant Quasicrystal

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18kt Red Gold18kt Red Gold
The Red Giant Quasicrystal is a very special ring. It is made from 18-carat solid red gold and weighs approximately 17 grams. After casting it is treated like a High Glossy Ring and receives extensive polishing. In addition, fine lines are drawn between the individual triangles then to be filled with black glass under the microscope. The glass is melted onto the gold at 850°C. To highlight the precise black lines the surrounding surfaces of the ring are carefully straightened with diamond grinding discs. The crowning moment is the incorporation a champagne-coloured diamonds with a diameter of 4 mm and a weight of 0.26 ct. A stone of this colour seems a bit like a chameleon since it cleverly integrates into the polished red gold landscapes, just to flash like a sparkling giant when hit by a sunbeam.
18kt Red Gold
44 - 70
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