Saint Corona

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Gold Plated Sterling SilverGold Plated Sterling Silver
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The idea that there was actually a martyr named Corona, who in the Catholic Church was also the patron saint should be for epidemics is as seductive as many other, currently rampant “theories” based on research on the Internet. The fact is, in the cathedral treasury of Aachen, their bones are kept in a very elaborate goldsmith’s work in the form of a shrine. Whether it is really the bones of this legendary woman, who is said to have lived in the 2nd or 3rd century after the birth of Christ, remains, as with many Christian legends, rather in the realm of faith. However, as an atheist and cineast, I am fascinated by such myths, which were often decorated with a lot of blood and horror, in order to leave a lasting impression on the faithful and, of course, their money bags. The Holy Corona is also available to a great extent as a patron saint of money, for treasure hunters and butchers. The fact that pilgrims like to call them against livestock epidemics has now made them famous as patron saint of epidemics!
I was more shocked than the coincidence of her name with the current pandemic, the way she died. It is always depicted with two palm trees, because the Romans bent two palm trees on the floor, tied the young woman to them, and as they soared up… yes, the rest of the time, they can think of. So put your glass on this young woman and thank whoever that hopefully such cruelty will never happen again. In addition, this precision is a wonderful summer chain, with the palm trees and an ice-cold drink in hand, we hope for the best!
L 2.8cm x W 2cm
Chain length
45cm, 50cm, 55cm
Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver
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