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Vagina Madonna – salt shaker

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Spice it up with lasting impressions! Inspired by the work of “Cynthia Plaster Caster”, and with the knowledge I had of dental impression and modeling techniques, I explored the uses of dental impression material. I was intrigued by how similar the shape of the impression of a vagina looked to the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary Statue. I juxtaposed the veiled and the unveiled together and created the Vagina Madonna. The statuette has been fabricated out of different materials; it has been composed out of a gold-gilded Plaster (of which an example of can be found embedded in a grotto high in the Italian Alps), it also had been produced in dark, milk and white chocolate and as slip-cast porcelain saltshakers. Micki Tschur, Sculptor and Painter, lives and works in Berlin.
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