Ich Kristall

Tempel 1844 | 21. Mai 2019

Ring made of 18kt gold and 24,75ct tourmaline. Inspired by a collage of my great-uncle, which he produced in 1927 in the class of Kandinsky at the Bauhaus. This and other works will be shown in a photo exhibition on 23. of May in the rooms of the old jewish temple @tempel1844 Poolstrasse 12 - Hamburg It starts 6:30 pm Thanks to everybody who helped this can happen. And thanks to the @bauhaus_archiv in berlin for the original works of my great-uncle. This is the first output of our new collection ECHOS which is inspired by the Bauhaus. #Echos #bauhaus #bauhaus100 #alfredobortoluzzi #paulklee #colors #jewelry #gold #diamonds #