HIGH Jewelry


Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars. After a supernova from a massive star, a neutron star is left behind in a hot, ionized gaseous nebula. On this one rose gold, fire enamel and a tanzanite.


The unicorn foal on the strawberry. Carved from mammoth ivory more than 10,000 years old, with fine gold paintings and fire enamels.

Mussels carved from ebony and mammoth ivory cockles – lapped with diamonds. The whole thing hangs on a rope of braided white gold wires. Omaha Beach & Creme Brulee!

A wild collection of different artifacts. Maple Seed, Tail and Crystals - Tourmaline and Peridot. Red gold, yellow gold, platinum and white gold. Simply put everything in one pot – put the lid on and it’s good!


Canopus (α Carinae) is the brightest star in the constellation Keel of the Ship. It has a surface temperature of 7,500 K and a radius of 71.4 SunR. It is made of gold and a Brazilian aquamarine.

Natural casts of lily leaves and stalks made of gold - arranged in a necklace. The flower is carved from mammoth ivory that is over 10,000 years old. The pistils are set with diamonds and a yellow sapphire slumbers in the center. "Why is this false dream, why this madness so beautiful?" - Ikkyu Sojun