Mama necklace
Mama necklace

Mama necklace

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Quite possibly the most used word in the world.
Mama is "International" and in times of an international pandemic, I think of Mama very often.
I have a 13-month-old son and I can now see his language forming.
Simple syllables and sounds, just "Ma-Ma". Tests of a baby that is developed from generation to generation through its mother's affection for this significant title in the whole of human history.
Mom who gave me a "butterfly kiss".
Mom gently blowing on a graze on me.
Mama who served me apple slices on a plate.
Mom, with whom I still love to laugh to this day.
Mom who listens to me and stands by me in every situation of my life!
Mom, who can cook incredibly well, but always says it's "just" a little something...
And Mama, who told me when she's gone, she'll come back to earth as a squirrel.
Mama I Love You!
For this reason I made a simple, cuddly heart. The mom heart!
The heart is cast from recycled sterling silver in our workshop in Hamburg and we send it all over the world to all the mums we can't visit at the moment.
We must take care of all people, because no one is less worthy of living.

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