Rocko Schamoni Asstray Le Pen
Rocko Schamoni Asstray Le Pen

Rocko Schamoni Asstray Le Pen

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Manufactured: Handcrafted in Hamburg in Studio Amun

Material: clay
Packaging: tissue paper and printed cardboard

Motif: Felix Schlüter/Typeholics
Printing: Ute Beling - the screen printing company

Special features: Hand-signed by Rocko Schamoni

Important: ALL Asstrays are currently delivered with WIDE edges!
The next motifs are: Kim Jong-un, Musk, Orban, and Meloni.

Due to DHL's unreliability, we cannot guarantee
that the packages arrive in time for Christmas. Anyone make sure
If you want to, you have to buy your Asstray either in Hamburg at Hanseplatte, Neuer Kamp 32 or from Jonathan Johnson, Poolstraße 11. Or after paying, pick it up online at Studio Amun, Billstrasse 139.

5-10 business days

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